Solid Wood

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood floors are the first word in luxurious, premium flooring. Built to last, solid wood floors are exactly what they say, planks of 100% pure wood. You can sand down and re-stain them multiple times over the years, and because they’re so hard-wearing, they’re suitable for even the busiest of rooms.

Solid Wood Flooring Guide

We have a real soft-spot for solid wood flooring as it makes for a beautiful floor and is the most established and traditional option for your home. Solid wood boards are cut from a single piece of timber; there’s no construction involved and no layers – just a simple, solid piece of wood from top to bottom.

What makes solid wood such a good choice is its longevity. If it starts to suffer from wear and tear over the years it can just be sanded down and refinished to look as good as new. This handy process can be carried out many times, meaning solid wooden floors can last much longer than any other floor – generations longer, in some cases. Because of this quality, solid wood floors come with impressive warranties.

More tips and information

  • When humidity gets too low (below 40%), wood can dry out, causing it to shrink and when it gets too high (above 60%) wood can expand.

  • Doormats are useful for picking up moisture as well as grit before it gets to the floor. A must have for any home.

  • When vacuuming and sweeping, pay extra attention to bevelled edges - these can pick up dust.

  • Soap-based products leave an unwanted film which can dull the surface of your floor over time. Instead, use a proper floor cleaner.

  • Sweeping with the grain will leave less dirt on textured boards.

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