Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors have totally revolutionised the world of real wood flooring. They consist of cross ply layers glued one on top of each other, with a top layer of real wood. They look just like solid wood floors, but their creative construction makes them more stable, more durable and friendlier to your budget! They feature a variety of different locking systems which make them really simple to lay.

Engineered Room Suitability

Living Spaces

Living rooms have a stable temperature, low moisture levels and low footfall, all of which are ideal for an engineered floor.


You can lay an engineered floor in a kitchen, just bear in mind that spillages shouldn't be left to soak in - be sure to dry off your floor quickly. Because of their lower water-resistance, we don't recommend oiled engineered floors for kitchens, but if you're after a similar look, matt lacquered floors offer more protection.

Read more - Kitchen Flooring Advice.


Whilst in theory laying an engineered floor in a bathroom is possible, we would advise against it. Water shouldn't be left to sit on any wooden floor as it can slowly seep in between the boards. Instead, we'd recommend looking at our selection of Quickstep waterproof laminates that come with a water warranty. View your Bathroom flooring options in our dedicated bathroom flooring guide.


We all know how much the temperature in the conservatory can change, but engineered floors have a high level of resistance to changes in temperature so are an excellent choice.

Underfloor heating

One of the main reasons to buy engineered flooring is that it copes so well with underfloor heating. The clever multi-layer design stops the wood swelling or shrinking as the temperature changes. Learn more here.


Down to the clever construction of the boards you can lay engineered floors in basements.


Engineered floors are stable and grippy enough to avoid any potential accidents so perfect for stairs.

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